Call for Papers

The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists, researchers, educationalists and developers, to share new ideas and establish cooperation between them and provide a platform for presenting their original work and exchange ideas, information, techniques and applications in the field of Communication, VLSI & Embedded Systems.

15 Speakers
35 Awards
10 Workshops
1200 Seats
100 Podcasts
96 Offices

Scope Section

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Power generation , Operation & control , Economics , Distribution system , Protection , Power quality , Reliability , HVE , Smart grid , Converters , Inverters , Drives & control, Modelling & Simulation.

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Renewable energy sources , Energy storing technology , Distributed generation , Hybrid energy systems , Integration of DG into grid.

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

VLSI , VHDL , Microprocessors , Embedded systems.

Instrumentation & Control

Process dynamics & instrumentation , Modelling & analysis.

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Robotics , Microprocessors & Microcontroller applications , MEMS , hscd , Advanced Embedded Logic

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Speech processing , Genetic algorithms , Data compression , Data encryption , Bioinformatics

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

RF/Broadband , Wireless green communication , OFDM & Multicareer systems , Wireless sensor networks , Cognitive radio , Antennas

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Analog &amo; Digital VLSI design , Low power design , Mixed signal design , VLSI signal processing , Computer aided design , VLSI archirtecture & algorithm

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Robotics, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Mobile Computing, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Software Engineering & Testing, Operating System, Analysis & Design of Algorithm, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Grid Computing, Hybrid Databases, Multimedia Applications, Neural Network, Virtual Reality, Web Crawlers, Wireless/Mobile Communications, Electrical and hybrid vehicle, Engineering innovation for healthcare system, Technology to Bridge Rural and Urban Divide, IOT and Cyber Physical System

Big Data Science: Theories, models, algorithms, benchmarking, curation, and methods for understanding big data,Big Data Computing: Infrastructures, tools, programming, architectures, benchmarking, and testing of big data systems using Map/Reduce, Hadoop and others, Big Data Mining: Acquisition, representation, indexing, storage, management, processing, pre-processing and post-processing of big data, Big Data Analytics: Metrics, frameworks, evaluation, tools, analysis, visualization of big data, Big Data Understanding: learning, knowledge discovery, business and consumer intelligence, user behavior, community discovery, Big Data Applications: Industrial and scientific applications of big data such as search, recommendations, business intelligence, marketing, social media, healthcare, good practices and reproducibility, Big Data Privacy and Security: Data privacy enhancing technologies, privacy-preserving computing, risk analysis, modeling, and management.

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms/Systems, Parallel Languages and Programming Environments, Hybrid Parallel Programming with GPUs and Accelerators, Load Balancing, Scheduling and Resource Management, Resilient/Fault-Tolerant Algorithms and Systems, Scientific/Engineering/Commercial Applications and Workloads, Emerging Applications such as Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing, Heterogeneous Computing, Interconnection Networks and Architectures, Scalable Servers and Systems, High Performance/Scalable Storage Systems, Power-Efficient and Reconfigurable Architectures, Compiler Technologies for High-Performance Computing.

Software Support and Advanced Micro-architecture Techniques, Intelligence and optimization between clouds and CPS, Languages and Compilers for High Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Software Technologies, Embedded Systems, Peer-to-peer Computing, Web Services and Internet Computing, Utility Computing, Performance Evaluation and Measurement, Tools and Environments for Software Development, Distributed Systems and Applications, High-performance Scientific and Engineering Computing, Database Applications and Data Mining, Biological/Molecular Computing, Collaborative and Cooperative Environments, Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications, Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligence, Autonomic, Reliability and Fault-tolerance, Multilingual computing.

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Intrusion detection and prevention, Smart grid security, Mobile security, Web Security, Cloud security, Biometrics, Malware analysis and prevention, Cyber forensics, Honeypot technologies, Privacy and privacy preserving algorithms.

Cloud infrastructure, Cloud computing applications, Cloud resource virtualization, Cloud resource management and scheduling, Cloud networking, Cloud storage systems, Cloud security, Cloud application development, Identity management, Cloud application, social, mobile cloud, Cloud migration, Cloud federation, Cloud programming models, Cloud Economic, business, Cloud monitoring, Cloud provisioning, Ad hoc networks for ubiquitous communications, Communication architectures for ubiquitous computing, Context modelling and reasoning, Data management for ubiquitous computing, Energy-efficient and green ubiquitous computing, Green Computing and Power-Aware Middleware, Innovative ubiquitous computing applications, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Internet of Things and Social Web of Things, Middleware for ubiquitous services and applications, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Multimodal sensing and context for ubiquitous applications.

Papers are solicited from, but are not limited to the following Topics:

Applications of Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems, Data and Information Modeling, Integration, Data Structures and Data Management Algorithms , Database and Information System Architecture and Performance, Data Mining Systems and Algorithms, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Distributed, Parallel, P2P, and Grid Databases, Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems, Information Retrieval and Database Systems, Knowledge Acquisition & Management, Multi-databases and Database Federation, Object, Object Relational, and Deductive Databases, Pervasive Data and Information, Semantic Web and Ontologies, Statistical and Scientific Databases, User Interfaces to Databases and Information Systems, Web Services, Operating system, Multimedia Engineering, Human Computer Interaction.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation
General Chair Dr. V.Mahesh Principal, SREC,Warangal
General Co-Chair Dr.C.V Guru Rao Director of Evaluation, SREC,Warangal
Organizing Chairman Dr. Syed Musthak Ahmed Prof (ECE) & Dean Academics,
SREC, Warangal
Organizing Convener(s) Dr. Chandram Karri HOD (EEE), SREC, Warangal
Dr.R.Vijaya Prakash HOD (CSE), SREC, Warangal
Mr.M.Sampath Reddy HOD (ECE), SREC, Warangal

Technical Program Committee

Name Affiliation
Dr. G. Prasad SRIIT, Hyderabad
Dr.V.Usha Shree VJIT, Hyderabad
Dr. A. Subba Rao Dept. of ECE, SREC, Warangal
Dr.N Sambasiva Rao SRITW, Warangal
Dr. Shravan Kumar, SRIIT, Hydearabad
Dr. Shankaranand Jha Dept. of ECE, SREC, Warangal
Dr. C. Muniraj KSRCT, Tamilnadu
Prof. B. Abdul Rahim Professor, AITS, Rajampet
Mr.K.B.V.S.R Subrahmanyam Dept. of EEE, SREC
Mrs.Amita Kashyap WoS-DST, CRRAO AIMSCS, Hyderabad
Mr. D. Raja Babu ,Dept. of EEE, SREC, Warangal
Mr. P.Venkata Subbaiah Vel-tech University, Chennai
Mr. A. Rajeswar Rao Dept. of ECE, SREC, Warangal
Mr. M. Lakshmi Narayana BSNL, Mysore
Mr. P. Kumaraswamy Dept. of CSE, SREC, Warangal
Mr. Roshan Koju Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Mr. N. Vijay Kumar Dept. of CSE, SREC, Warangal
Mr. Vamshi J. Krishna STUMAGZ, Hyderabad
Mr. Md. Mujahid Irfan Dept. of EEE, SREC, Warangal
Mr. Manikanta Gupta RCI Hyderabad, DRDO
Mr. Sravan Daggupati CTS, New Jersey, USA

Organizing Committee

Name Affiliation
Dr. G.V.Praveen Dean (Admin), SREC Warangal
Dr. R. Archana Reddy Dean (SW), SREC Warangal
Dr. P. Sammaiah Head (R&C), SREC Warangal
Dr. Suman Kumar Head (IIPC), SREC Warangal
Dr. J. Tarun Kumar Dept. of ECE, SREC Warangal
Dr. Pritham Singh Dept. of ECE, SREC Warangal
Mr. A.V.V. Sudhakar Dept. of EEE, SREC Warangal
Mr. S. Umamaheshwar Dept. of ECE, SREC Warangal
Mr. K. Raj Kumar Dept. of ECE, SREC Warangal
Ms. P. Soumya Dept. of EEE, SREC Warangal
Ms. B.Saritha Dept. of ECE, SREC Warangal
Ms. J. Bhavana Dept. of ECE, SREC Warangal
Ms. M. Sheshikala Dept. of CSE, SREC Warangal
Ms. K.Sravani Dept. of EEE, SREC Warangal
Mr. V.Thirupathi Dept. of CSE, SREC Warangal
Mr. K.Sudheer Kumar Dept. of CSE, SREC Warangal
Ms. V.Sree Priya Dept. of EEE, SREC Warangal

Advisory Committee

Name Affiliation
Prof. A.Venugopal Reddy VC, JNTU Hyderabad
Dr. N.Yadiah Registrar, JNTU Hyderabad
Dr. M. Manzoor Hussain Principal, JNTUH-CES
Dr.T.Srinivas IISc Bangalore
Dr. Gaddam Tulasi Ram Das JNTU Hyderabad
Dr. Ramani Kannan UTP Malaysia
Dr. Manjunath Joshi DA-IICT, Gujarath
Dr.Rucinski Andrzej Univ.of Hampshire, USA
Prof. Krishna Vedula Ex. Director, IUCEE, USA
Prof. D.R.Poddar Dept. of E.T.C.E, Kolkota
Prof. Manaullah Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
Mr. N.Venkatesh Advanced Technologies, Hyderabad
Mr. Kannan Rajagopalan IEEE Hyd Section
Dr. Amit Kumar Lead- MGA/R10 Asia & Pacific
Dr. M.Lakshminarayana Scientist H (Retd) DLRL Hyderabad
Dr. V.Shankar Professor,JNTUA-CEA,Ananthapur
Dr. Chandrasekhar University of Findlay,USA
Dr. Sridhar Condoor. St. Louis University, USA
Dr. Daniel Manchela Chair IEEE- PWG, USA
Prof. DVSS Siva Sarma NIT Waranga
Dr. Kishore Kumar NIT Warangal
Dr. S.G.Sanjeevi NIT Warangal
Dr. T.Srinivasulu Dean, FOET, KU Warangal
Dr. S. N. Sinha IIT Kanpur
Dr. S.K. Sinha IISc, Bangalore
Dr.Atul Negi University of Hyderabad
Dr. Anwaruddin Anwar (Retd.) ZHCET, AMU, Aligarh
Dr. K.Ashoka Reddy KITS, Warangal
Dr. Polaiah Bojja KL University, Guntur
Dr.P.Chandrasekhar OU, Hyderabad
Dr.Vangala Padmaja VNRVJIET, Hyderabad
Dr.R.Hemalatha OU, Hyderabad
Important Dates
Description Last Date
Paper Submission Opens 25.10.2016
Paper Submission Deadline 05.3.2017
Notification of Acceptance (Final) 30.04.2017
Submission of camera ready paper due with registration by paper presenting author 15.05.2017
Last date for registration by delegates 18.05.2017
Registration Fee (For Authors)
Author Type Amount In ₹ Amount In $
Student ₹ 4,000/- $60
Research Scholar ₹ 5,000/- $75
Academician ₹ 6,000/- $100
Industry ₹ 6,000/- $100
Author Type Amount In ₹ Amount In $
Student ₹1,500 $20
Research Scholar ₹ 2,000/- $30

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Frequently Asked Question

Deletion of authors is NOT permissible. For adding co-authors, you need to produce an NOC from the original author(s) and submit it along with other documents.
Atleast one payment is MUST for the paper to be registered and presented by any one of the author during the conference. One payment will make one author to attend the conference. Other authors of the same paper can register separately to attend the conference.
Yes, but you have to present your current student ID.
Only the participating authors will get the certificates.

Venue info

Address: SR Engineering College
Anathsagar (V), Hasanparthy (M), Warangal - 506371, Telangana, India

Contact: +91-9959876218